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Advent Challenge 2022

Will you be a “consumer” this Advent and focus on yourself? Or a “consoler” this Advent and focus on Jesus?

Goal: To fill Jesus’ manger with straw before He comes on Christmas day.


Why: To live out two of our parish’s core values of being “engaged disciples” who are “rooted in tradition,” fully committed to pursuing holiness and faithfully living out the Church’s intention for why we have the holy season of Advent.


How: Each “straw” in your bag represents 1 act of love intentionally done for Jesus. Throughout each week, you will count the number of “straws” you have done for Jesus and bring the total number of straws to Sunday Mass. After the Prayers of the Faithful (during the Offertory), you will “offer” these straws of love by placing them in the manger (for yourself and/or your family).


13 General Examples of a “Straw”:

  • Getting out of bed immediately in the morning and making your bed

  • Going to Mass

  • Going to Confession

  • Saying Grace before and after any meal

  • Reading a chapter in the Bible or in a spiritual reading book

  • Praying the Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

  • Visiting an Adoration Chapel

  • Visiting the sick or elderly

  • Helping someone in need

  • Smiling at someone

  • Thanking or complimenting someone

  • Holding the door open for someone

  • Picking up the trash… and you can add more to this list as well! 


5 Extra Examples for Adults:

  • Giving up a snack or meal

  • Donating to a worthy charity

  • Doing a house chore that someone else normally does

  • Forgiving or asking for forgiveness

  • Going to the parish centre after Mass.


6 Extra Examples for Youth:

  • Cleaning up your room

  • Eating all your veggies

  • Giving up candy or video games

  • Saying “please” and “thank you”

  • Responding to your parents immediately

  • Doing your homework without being told.


Remember: The essential thing is to make the “intention” in your heart to do this for Jesus (“Jesus, I do this for love of You”; “Jesus, I offer this for You”).

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