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Welcome to
Corpus Christi Parish

Priests and parishioners alike welcome you to our parish community!


Say hello to our parish priests, Fr. Bruce-John Hamilton and

Fr. Raffaele Salvino, after Masses and come join us in the Parish Centre for a light snack, coffee and tea. 

Feel free to come up to any of our volunteers and greeters before or after Mass and introduce yourself. We have a variety of ministries available, so please don’t hesitate to ask any of our volunteers about ways to get involved.

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Register and Get the Best Parish Experience

If you have been attending the parish for a while but have not yet registered, please take a moment to register. This allows us to have your important information kept securely in our database so that we can send you your yearly tax receipts, as well as give you the opportunity to manage your mail and giving preferences.

Sign Up on Flocknote

Get the latest news and announcements from ministries and the parish priests by signing up on Flocknote! Flocknotes are sent directly to your email for your convenience.

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