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Chinese New Year Celebration

February 4th, 2023

On Saturday evening, Feb 04,2023, we hosted a 9-course Chinese New Year dinner celebration at the Parish Center at Corpus Christi. A total of 120 parishioners and families attended. The dinner celebration met with tremendous success. More profoundly, we give thanks to our Heavenly Father for giving us our parish center where we can feel profoundly gratified to gather, celebrate and eat together as a family, as a Parish family, at our Parish Center, our own Home.


The 9-course dinner was delicious prepared with the use of the right amount of salt. Speaking of salt, Although Fr. Hamilton was unable to attend, he still held us close to his heart and asked Fr. Richard to deliver a message to us: Salt by itself does not have much merits, but once it interacts with food, it enhances it and bring it taste. Not only that, salt has the function of preserving food for a long period of time so it won’t go bad. Jesus wants us, his followers, to possess that attribute and become as functional as salt in our faith life.

On that Saturday night, the people behind the salt jigger was the kitchen team. They spent days getting everything ready for cooking the big meal. They have indeed literally given themselves to the good course of serving the parish in that context. Giving them our standing ovation is no where near enough to express our gratitude for their sacrifice, selflessness, untiring effort, exhaustion and their service. Thank you, Kitchen Team. May God reward you a hundred fold.


We regret that Fr. Hamilton was under the influence of Covid and therefore unable to join us for the dinner celebration. Actually, Father had been tested negative twice but he decided to refrain from attending the dinner for the protection of everyone of us. We thank Father for his love, self sacrifice and noble consideration. We will keep you in our prayers, Father. May you gain your strength and vitality back in lightning speed.

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