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Marriage Mentorship


David & Connie Robinson


The Marriage Mentorship – Witness to Love (WTL) program launched at Corpus Christi (CC)  Parish in January 2021. In collaboration with our parish priests and the Marriage Ministry Office of the Archdiocese, the Coordinators assist in facilitating the marriage formation of engaged couples and civilly married couples.  


In addition to the Marriage Formation (Prep) course, couples wishing to marry at CC are required to take the WTL program - an investment “for a strong, healthy and joy-filled  marriage”. The Coordinators coach the couples-to-wed with their chosen Mentor Couple (MC)  who will journey with them using the WTL guided study of virtues. Through the “wisdom,  witness, and support of their MC, the couples-to-wed will take a deeper, more open and honest  look at themselves, their relationship with one another and their relationship with God… Let  this experience be one of enrichment, growth in virtue and a deeper love of God and neighbor.”  The Coordinators also ensure that the couple’s wedding day goes smoothly. This supportive and faith-based approach to marriage not only benefits the couple getting married but also nourishes the marriage of the MC and Coordinators.

Quotes from Ryan & Mary-Rose Verret, WTL Co-founders and Authors 

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